Sunday, June 12, 2011

to jump or not to jump...

I awaken to Dena hitting me.

“Wake up! Wake up! We’re here! We must have overslept! Hurry” We are apparently already in Prague, I think. It’s our first morning out of the U.S. and we are on an overnight train to Prague, Czech.

“Kim! C’mon! The train is stopping!”

I’m still half asleep. I’m wearing jammies. Yes, on a train. Don’t  ask. It seemed like a good idea last night. My overstuffed backpack is unzipped, half unpacked. Again, don’t ask. First time on a train.

I stand up, half zip the pack, throw on my boots, grab my bra and try to squeeze thru the door with my over packed pack. Dena is in the hall.

“C’mon Kim!”

We are standing in front of a closed train door. Crap. 

I’m still half asleep. My pack is unzipped, my boots are unlaced and I’m wearing my shorty jammies and holding my bra.

“I’m gonna open it” Dena says as she manhandles the door open. The train lurches. Under her force, the door opens. The train starts to chug.

“I’m gonna jump!” Now I’m starting to wake up. My pack is unzipped, my boots are unlaced. I’m wearing shorty jammies and holding my bra and the only person I know on this continent is about to jump off a moving train. Aaaand she does. Well, now I’m awake.

And alone! I move to her vacated spot in the doorway. The train is, of course, moving faster. I see Dena, laying on the platform, looking up at me, getting smaller and smaller in the distance. And almost in seemingly slow motion, she shouts:


Jump, Kim…This feels like a moment. Could I do it? Was I a jumper?

We all have these moments in our life, moments that define us, that make us who we are- that separate the jumpers from the non-jumpers.

Sometimes jumping means just standing up for yourself or speaking your truth to someone or even jumping into a new job or a new relationship because you just felt you had to. But it always involves bravery and leaping into a place you’re not entirely sure you are capable of going. And we all have these moments, moments when the universe calls on us to make a choice: jump or don’t jump.

Which was I? Turns out, I was a jumper. Yup, I jumped. Bloodied, battered and bruised, but successfully reunited with Dena! Ah, success! And sure, then there was something-- if you must know--about the train stopping and reversing and hundreds of heads popping out the windows to watch and the conductor coming out shaking his head to tell us in his best broken English that we had jumped off at the employee station and Prague was still 10 km down the tracks where the doors open on their own….but whatever….I jumped! That’s what I choose to remember.

copyright K. Schultz 2010

Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Saturday, October 2, 2010

No Place Called Home in NY Times

The play I wrote and perform in, 
No Place Called Home 
is featured in today's NEW YORK TIMES. Take a read:

Tickets available at:

Monday, June 7, 2010

Notes to self...and you...

Wow. really? Since March. Ouch. Note to self. Must blog more.

So, I wrote a play! It's called, No Place Called Home and is about an American woman's (me) trip through the Iraqi refugees crisis where she meets literally hundreds of refugees and accidentally falls in love with one of them (still me). The play is currently in development for a fall run. More info can be found on my website.....join my email list to be kept up to date on production dates, etc. More info on the crisis can be found here:

Also, the KSI house team Hi-Robot has a show on June 26 at a Turkish Rug huh? Come sit on rugs, drink tea and laugh. More info on Hi-Robot's Facebook page:!/pages/Hi-Robot/117064208304456

Also, Under The Street Improv, my all improv monthly show, is on hiatus until fall. Happy summer!

Also, I was reminded today through coaching a student that SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH usually clears the muck and makes things less awkward, and can be pretty dang life-transformative ...just something to ponder.

Also, must blog more.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Green bag promo tape

Environmental video starring Kim and some unknown girl behind her...

Today... big. Take up more space and air than you usually do. Breathe deeper, look wider, stand taller. You deserve it.