Monday, June 25, 2007

Last night....

a note of all who came out last night and supported
"Kim Schultz's Happy Hour".
we had a great crowd(70?), had lots of laughs and learned lots of lessons:

1. always be specific
2. energy is contagious AND can be rehabilitated with more energy and truth
3. just play and all will be fine

hope everyone left happy and got your Dum-Dum! The big opening number will be available for your viewing on this blog soon!!

next "happy hour" is AUGUST 12 @ Ha! Comedy Club

new classes start in August!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


The more we play, the happier we are.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Army: Be all that you can be!

I was at an awesome corporate training class yesterday for an awesome company called "ID:ology". We spent a chunk of time talking about being fully present at work and bringing 'everything you are to everything you do'. What a great thought! So often we only bring a portion of who we are to different portions of our life. We are only half, quarter or sixteenth people depending on where we are and who we are with. Who has time or interest for...little partial people? What a shame! Because the less we be who we are the harder it is to remember who it is we were.

What if we brought ALL of what we are to ALL of what we do?

Improvisation teaches us that. Each moment in improv is crucial. Without it, we have know idea of what the scene is. We go to our heads; we have to think, worry, create. If we are fully who we are in each moment of the scene, being fully who we've been gifted or discovered ourselves to be, we get to ride, coast, play. Because we are being TRUE to who we are, all of what we are.
We get to be happy.

Happy at work...novel concept.

Bring everything you are to everything you do---onstage and off!

News and the beginning of "ITOTW"!

the second playshop was a big hit. big crowd, lotso laughs! power of "saying yes" in action!

big news!

new show in the works:

Kim Schultz's Happy Hour: Where the Comedy is Absolut!
Old-fashioned, New-fangled comedy variety hour
Featuring standup, improv, songs, dance, fire eaters and who know what else?

save the date:
Sunday, June 24 7pm
HA! Comedy Club!

  • Improv Thought of the Week (ITOTW): Be who you are fully in each moment. Be who you say you are. This is the only moment.