Saturday, August 22, 2009


These last few days, I have been shooting a promo for a TV show I am talking about with a couple of producers who are interested. They asked for this. It's been a great opportunity and I find myself wondering how did I get here?

Hmm..... Doodeley doodeley doodeley! (That's time travel music for you neophites.)

I was drinking beer with a friend at a party and she said you should turn your show into a tv show. I said yes. I started writing. I met with my current partner and asked her if she wanted to come onboard for the project. She said yes. She said we should meet and talk regularly. I said yes. I said, "I think we should start shopping it." She said yes. I asked if an industry friend would look at the idea. She said yes. Industry friends gave notes. I said yes. Sent it to LA producer I knew. He said yes. He sent it to a fellow producer friend he had. He said yes if he could see a promo. I said yes. I made a video piece and sent it to producer. He said no. Doh! Make another. I said yes. We made another. Today. This weekend. And now we wait...for him to say yes....

Yes moves everything forward. What can you say yes to today? What won't happen if you don't?