Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Signs we're "IN IT"

In improv class, usually late in level 3, I ask my students for physical and/or emotional characteristics or signs that they are "In it"(in their bodies, in the moment, in the scene) or "Out of it" (in their heads, thinking, working)

I think its interesting what is present when we are "in it". How cool if we could be more in it in life too.

IN IT signs

having fun

not worrying

listening deeply

it all speeds by

words just come out

feel connected

it's easy

Friday, April 18, 2008

deeper, richer, funnier...and swollen...

Last night in my Level 4 Improv class, I set a goal for several memebers of the class to not manhandle or direct the outcome of the scene, but to allow it to be discovered, to allow it to appear for them to grab. This is a difficult task. We want to protect ourselves, make sure we look good, make sure we don't fail. It's safer and easier to grab a quick half-truth, than wait for something that may never come. In trusting and being open to a new truer, possibility, there is a possibility of failure. I think it's worth it. The scenes that develop when people are organic and honest, not pushy and safe are much deeper, richer, funnier scenes. It's an amazing lesson. It's also a hard one. We sometimes need to trust more, trust the outcome will be good, trust we need to maneuver less and feel and grab more. We need to allow the good stuff to unfold in front of us and then say yes to it. What develops is a deeper, richer, funnier life. I think, anyway.....But I have a strangely swollen foot from my trip to who knows....