Monday, June 7, 2010

Notes to self...and you...

Wow. really? Since March. Ouch. Note to self. Must blog more.

So, I wrote a play! It's called, No Place Called Home and is about an American woman's (me) trip through the Iraqi refugees crisis where she meets literally hundreds of refugees and accidentally falls in love with one of them (still me). The play is currently in development for a fall run. More info can be found on my website.....join my email list to be kept up to date on production dates, etc. More info on the crisis can be found here:

Also, the KSI house team Hi-Robot has a show on June 26 at a Turkish Rug huh? Come sit on rugs, drink tea and laugh. More info on Hi-Robot's Facebook page:!/pages/Hi-Robot/117064208304456

Also, Under The Street Improv, my all improv monthly show, is on hiatus until fall. Happy summer!

Also, I was reminded today through coaching a student that SPEAKING YOUR TRUTH usually clears the muck and makes things less awkward, and can be pretty dang life-transformative ...just something to ponder.

Also, must blog more.