Thursday, September 24, 2009

Wanna join me in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria?

The Iraqi refugee crisis is one of the most under reported humanitarian crisis in recent history, with almost 5 million Iraqis displaced from their homes, many living as illegal migrants abroad, unable to work or access health care and other social services.

Intersections has brought together a delegation of creative artists (including me: Kim Schultz, yours truly) for a trip thru Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria to meet with Iraqi refugees and various humanitarian agencies to obtain a more complete understanding of this crisis.

Once the artists return to New York they will craft a multi-media presentation about their experience. The team will work in the Middle East October 2-17.

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All participants on this trip will be contributing to the blog. Follow our journey into bringing attention to the Iraqi voices....

First Thought, Best Thought

I don't think my blog should be the only one you read! This is the WORLD WIDE WEB after all!
The following blog link really dovetails nicely with improv philosophy. First thoughts, first instincts tend to be most organic, most true, I believe. Enjoy!