Friday, November 7, 2008

Historic Jumps

What a week! I have been a CNN junkie-- addicted to polls, craving more Obama and falling for David Gergen! (His dulcid, fair, even keeled tones draws me in with every breath!) And at last there was a payoff: We Americans have elected a NEW president who I believe CAN and WILL bring the change we so desperately need in this country.

We have taken a BIG LEAP as a country and it feels like we took BIG LEAPS as individuals too. Individuals made this historic election possible.

New York feels different. People are looking at each other, the air is fresher, hope seems to have returned to the collective. Seriously.

NOW is the time to take other big leaps. Ride the wave of momentum! What have you been afraid of doing or avoiding? Take your own big leaps, create your own jumps of faith, discover your own acts of bigness and braveness. Take advantage of the energy and impulse and possibility in the air.

Here's to it!
(...and David Gergen, my new BF! )

P.S. how happy am I if I never see or hear Baye Buchanen again!?!?!