Sunday, September 21, 2008


I just asked a student whom I am personal coaching to do some homework. I asked her between our sessions to find one day to SAY YES to absolutely everything that was proposed to her--to have a "Yes Day". She agreed (almost said no...:)) which got me thinking...thats a tall order! A day of saying yes to all and everything around you. Yes to the homeless man, yes to the request for time, yes to answering the phone when it rings--no screening! We have grown into such habitual no-sayers. Our knee-jerk reaction is often NO. There are always a million reasons why we can't: Money, time, energy, experience.... The Yes muscle is out of work and needs training. That's how improv training helps!

Try it. Choose one day...SAY YES to everything. Write me! Comment on this blog! Tell me how it went! YES!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

it's in the details!

In our improv work, we find that better scenes are developed through paying attention to the details. No detail is too small. The way your scene partner stumbled when they entered the scene, the word you chose, the animal sounds given you in the forest, the tone of someone's voice.

The more we notice, connect to and are inspired by the details, the more lucious our scenes are.

Today, pay special attention to the details around you. Listen to this moment. See these details. Use all your senses. Allow the small things to inform and inspire you. Note the luciousness of your life.


'member when I used to blog? Ahh...good times...I have been immersed in the production of producing my solo show, "THE F TRIP". It is a autobiographical story I wrote involving 3 trips and 3 different men. It has to do with fraud, faith, fathers, forgiveness and falling in all the ways you can fall!

It was written in an improvisational style and performed in the same. It is funny, but also gets rather tragic as well! Hmmm. Something for everyone! !!

There are 2 opportunities coming up to see the show in 2 cities!

Commonweal Theatre
Lanesboro, MN
Tuesday, September 30 & Wednesday, October 1, 730pm
Tickets $15

The Zipper Factory Theater
Tuesdays October 7, 14 & 28, 7pm
Tickets $20


Hope to see you at the show!