Friday, March 5, 2010

Green bag promo tape

Environmental video starring Kim and some unknown girl behind her...

Today... big. Take up more space and air than you usually do. Breathe deeper, look wider, stand taller. You deserve it.

Where do you live?

In a recent one on one coaching session, I told my student that I was looking for ways for her to live outside her normal living space through improv training. Meaning, improv teaches us to surprise ourselves and act and be in a place that we do not normally operate from. It opens up new arenas to explore. It may not be forever, perhaps even only for a moment, but it gives us a taste of what is possible and then---we can make a choice. We can make a choice to try to live there more because it feels good, or is rewarding ---or we can make a choice to go back to the way things were. Either is fine. To me, what isn't fine is living a certain way without even knowing another way is possible, or worse yet, knowing but being too afraid to explore it.

In good scenework, we are consistently pushed out of our comfort zone, out of our "norm". If we are truly listening, reacting and playing, we should constantly surprise ourselves, be constantly discovering new places to "live". That's why I love improv. That and all the laughs.

ALL IN A DAY IMPROV INTENSIVE coming up on MARCH 14, 1-6pm, $75