Thursday, October 18, 2007

Writing your life

I have been writing a lot lately. Writing this one person show. Telling my stories, incorporating my standup, improvising the whole while. I think the success I have found in writing is due to my ability to say yes to my impulses without judgement and to my ability to squelch the voices in my head that say I can't. If I don't follow impulses and instinct, I become inactive, thinking, worrying and unable to move. And if I can't quiet the voices (kkkill kkkill kkkilll herherherherher) , I can't trust myself enough to do it. Then done. Inaction.

Staying in action keeps our life moving. Staying in action keeps things happening. Improv teaches us this.

Erin Keating, teacher extraordinaire,, makes us write 10 minutes every day. It's nothing, but it keeps us in action. And it's enough.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

New classes!

New classes starting!
8 week sessions
MONDAYS start October 29, 630pm
& SATURDAYS start November 10 3pm

8 weeks/$225

Email me for more info and to register

Audition bigger. Live bigger.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Play creates play; Energy creates energy

SOOO many instances in life about how you get what you put into something. If you bring energy, say, it usually begets energy. It is contagious. the room and the individuals in it are affected. Same with play, if you bring a sense of play to what you are doing, play is created. It's really wonderful and simple. If you bring attitude and judgement, the same is created. Lesson? Bring what you want. Live it. In a truthful way.

Last night was an amazing HAPPY HOUR show! Such talent and fun. And SUCH great energy and play in the room. Lesson learned.

Oh, graduate students of improv are performing this Sunday @ 7pm at a new venue I have: SAGE Theatre in Midtown Manhattan. No drink minimum!! woohoo!

They're SO talented and funny. Hope you can come!

Monday, October 1, 2007


Comedy. Variety. Oh my!
Kim Schultz's Happy Hour
where comedy is Absolute...

Sunday October 7, 7pm
Ha! Comedy Club
163 West 46th Street. Times Square.
$8/2 reasonably priced drinks. Makes you happier.

Reservations are encouraged. Email me.
Hope to see you SUNDAY!!!